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  • Investing in Community: Our Commitment to Stretford Public Hall

    Published: 14th March 2024

    In the heart of Stretford stands a symbol of community resilience: Stretford Public Hall. We're thrilled to share that We Are Footprint has invested £7,500 into this historic institution. Our commitment goes beyond finances; it reflects our belief in fostering inclusive communities and preserving local heritage.

  • Empowering Transformation: Kyle's Journey Towards a Brighter Future

    Published: 11th March 2024

    Kyle's journey back to employment is a testament to resilience and community support. Guided by Rosie McLaren from Willmott Dixon, Kyle's path has led him from a prison program to a promising role at Spindles in Oldham. His story reflects the power of second chances and collaborative efforts in creating brighter futures.

  • Building Hope: The Inspiring Journey of Ash with We Are Footprint and Willmott Dixon

    Published: 11th March 2024

    In our latest video, we embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation as we delve into the remarkable story of Ash. Facing challenges stemming from past decisions, Ash's courage and resilience shine brightly as he embraces a new chapter in his life.

  • A Heartwarming Day at Emmaus Salford with We Are Footprint

    Published: 11th March 2024

    We Are Footprint recently had a heartwarming day at Emmaus Salford

  • Empowering Women: Celebrating Excellence

    Published: 8th March 2024

    At We Are Footprint, where we proudly honour the incredible women who shape our success. As we mark International Women's Day, we invite you to join us in recognising the powerhouse of strength, resilience, and innovation embodied by our female team members. From our Director of Social Value to our newest Social Value Coordinator, each woman brings a unique blend of passion and expertise that propels us forward. Together, we stand committed to empowering women and celebrating their invaluable contributions not just today, but every day.

  • We Are Footprint and Sudlows Empower Future Talent at UTC Warrington

    Published: 7th March 2024

    In a remarkable display of collaborative effort, We Are Footprint and Sudlows joined forces to empower T Level Construction and Engineering students at UTC Warrington, hosting a successful CV creation workshop led by Sudlows' CSR Manager Samantha Pollitt and We Are Footprint's Pippa Holland, with the initiative now extended to further support students in their journey.

  • We Are Footprint's Heartfelt Visits to Seven Local Schools Spread Joy and Support Education

    Published: 7th March 2024

    We recently visited seven local schools alongside partners Caddick Construction Limited and The Heaton Group, spreading joy and supporting education in our communities. From generous donations enhancing libraries to joyful moments dancing with Peter Rabbit, these visits were filled with warmth and excitement. With heartfelt thanks to all involved, we remain committed to making a positive impact in the lives of students and educators alike.

  • Empowering Students at The Cheadle College

    Published: 6th March 2024

    Join us in celebrating the impactful collaboration between We Are Footprint and Willmott Dixon, as they empower students at The Cheadle College to drive positive change. Witness the inspiring presentations by Business students, showcasing their passion for social impact in the latest Willmott Dixon Social Impact Project. Discover the innovative initiatives tackling pressing community issues and the lasting effects on these students' futures.