Jackson is getting his life back on the right track following a 9 month prison sentence. He undertook a construction course in prison and is now employed by Morgan Sindall as a labourer on our North Manchester General Hospital project.

Jackson lives in Salford and has done all his life. He attended the Oasis Academy high School in Salford and achieved all his GCSE’s (math’s being his favourite subject). From here he went onto College at Salford City Skills and did 2 years to complete a Level 2 in Plumbing. During this time the Pandemic hit which led Jackson down the wrong path in life…. he made some wrong decisions that he now regrets.

He got in with some not nice people, he committed a crime which resulted in him having a 9.5 month prison sentence at HMP Forest Bank prison. It was here he met with Jade from Groundwork and enrolled on a 6 week Construction course where he was involved in a mixture of practical & group learning classroom based activities.

His routeway into the industry was down to his time in prison as he had the chance to take part in a number of taster sessions in Construction. On release from Prison he had to stay in a hostel in North Manchester and Jade still kept in contact with him. In January this year he sat his CSCS with Jade and passed! He was so glad… From here he was introduced to Morgan Sindall and Footprint Recruitment where he was employed.

Jackson was always interested in working in Construction as he did Plumbing at college but then when he had the taster sessions he liked being an all rounder and seeing more. He is currently a site labourer but Morgan Sindall are sitting on his tickets to help him achieve the position of Banksman.

He is grateful for the second chance that he has been given and the trust put in him by many.

When he originally sat the Groundwork course he thought “nothing will come of this” as most do.

Now when he looks how far he has come in such a short space of time is so rewarding to himself.

He was released from Prison in August 2022 and soon to be trained Banksman with numerous qualifications he never had before.